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About Us

Words from our founder Michael Nantais

Throughout my life I have spent time volunteering, and giving back to my community.

As a teenager I volunteered to help children with limited abilities swim, and play games in the gym.

In my 20’s I worked with Scouts Canada and most recently I am involved with

my local wheelchair basketball team.

This "giving back" mentality has always played a big part in my life.

When my parent’s mobility started to decline I realized how lucky I was to have spent my career first as a paramedic and then working with customers, physiotherapists

and medical practitioners in the Home Medical Equipment industry for over 20 years.

I knew I had to find a way to share my knowledge, and help other people solve

the common age related problems we all face with our parents and ourselves.

This is the birth of Golden Years Assist.

My goal is to help you decrease your age related stress, and help people make decisions that they will be happy with for their lifestyle and their families future. I am here to help you by removing the mystery of aging challenges and provide you solutions you need to live your best life.

The common questions I get asked are what can I do to prepare my house as I age?

What are my mobility challenges ahead? How do I best prepare my family

so I can enjoy my time with them with less anxiety?

My decades of professional experience and very personal experiences taking care of my parents,

friend's parents and extended family have shown me a playbook for aging,

how to do it strategically and gracefully. I'm here to share my expertise with you!


Helping seniors live their best life

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