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Who Are We?

We are honorable canadians that you can trust to bring you the best advice. We got your back, think of us as your assistant Mrs or Mr CEO. You know, you are the CEO of your life and household, your family and quite often in business as well. As we age, it seems there is no blueprint for preparing what is going to happen to us, no one to help make smart and informed decisions. You are left to your own devices to search the web and hopefully you might have a family member in the health care industry.

Well, we are here to take the guesswork out, remove the hours surfing the web, and that feeling of uncertainty.

We have created the GYA 4 levels of Care, to help you identify where you or your loved one are at physically and what are the decisions that are on the horizon. This helps you prepare for the future and share the steps with your family.

Ok but we haven't answered the question. Who are We? Golden Years Assist was founded by 2 sons of elderly parents. Mike with his parents in their 80's and John with his parents in their 70's both realized that the questions they were facing with their own parents are the same questions everyone has but there is no guide or playbook or helping hand to making smart decisions.

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